Does your basement feel more like a damp cave than a man cave? Just call on All-Dry of Ohio’s basement waterproofing services. Our patented system provides protection for walls, floors, and more. Contact us today at (800) 255-3792 to learn more about how to protect your home from a flooded basement.

Wet Basement Solutions

At All-Dry of Ohio, our patented basement waterproofing system sets us apart from other contractors. The All-Dry Basement System relieves hydrostatic pressure, which builds up when the water table level rises during rainstorms or snowmelt and causes water to leak into your home. It consists of a sump pump and an interior drainage system, which is installed around the entire interior perimeter of the basement. The system is customized for each individual residence, and is suitable for any wall type.
Ohio Basement Waterproofing

Advantages of the All-Dry Basement System

As basement waterproofing specialists, we’ve designed our system with several advantages, including the following:
  • Reliability: Our national franchise of basement waterproofing contractors has installed All-Dry Basement Systems in thousands of homes in Ohio and across the United States for decades, and we believe so firmly in its quality that each installation is accompanied by a lifetime transferable warranty.
  • Convenience: Unlike other drainage systems, installing the All-Dry Basement System only takes a day and can generally be accomplished without jackhammering, drilling, or other disruptive noises.
  • Attractiveness: Our system is designed to resemble a custom baseboard. Once installed, it blends in so well with your décor that you won’t even be able to tell it’s there.
  • Affordability: The quick, non-invasive installation process of our system makes it a cost-effective choice.
While our basement sealing system helps prevent future damage, it can’t fix problems that have already occurred. So, you’ll want to have our experts inspect your basement for mold or check for foundation cracks. We also offer sub-slab drainage systems for houses that need a little extra protection from groundwater. Contact us today at (800) 255-3792 for more information about any of our services, including basement waterproofing in Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, and surrounding Ohio areas.