If your basement is in need of some preventative measures, or you’ve already made the unpleasant discovery of actual leaks, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the talented basement waterproofing technicians at All-Dry of Ohio. Contact us today at (800) 255-3792 for more information about our services (from sump pumps to foundation repair and mold removal services) in Dayton, Ohio.

Basement Waterproofing Dayton
Foundation Repair Dayton
Mold Removal Dayton

Basement Waterproofing

Without proper drainage and waterproofing, your basement can become swamped with groundwater, damaging furnishings and creating a mold-friendly environment. Prevent damage to your home by asking All-Dry of Ohio about our basement waterproofing services. Since we offer both our patented basement waterproofing system and a sub-slab drainage system, along with sump pump installations, you can rest assured that we’ll find exactly the right waterproofing system for you. You won’t even have to worry about what happens down the road —each of our systems includes a lifetime transferable guarantee.

Foundation Repair

With the constant ebb and flow of groundwater, the soil under your Dayton home can settle or soften, causing your foundation to sink. When this happens, cracks can appear in your foundation and walls, threatening structural damage to the house itself. If you spot a crack in your foundation wall, don’t hesitate to contact All-Dry of Ohio, Dayton’s foundation repair experts. We use a system called foundation piering that can support up to 300,000 pounds per pier.

Mold Removal and Remediation

Staying healthy is hard enough without the added hazard of mold in your home. If you’ve had problems with basement leaking or flooding, mold testing is an essential part of the recovery process. Our mold removal experts can isolate and remove contaminated materials, completing the mold remediation process with professional-grade sprays and products to ensure protection against further growth.

All-Dry of Ohio is the savvy homeowner’s choice for high-quality, affordable basement work. Our lifetime transferable warranty ensures you won’t have to worry about your investment, and our expertise is underscored by three decades of experience. Contact us today at (800) 255-3792 to schedule your appointment, or learn more about our services in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus.